Do you own a digital SLR camera, but can’t seem to capture the beautiful images you want?

Over several years, we noticed that many people are in this position. So, we decided to run a course which, over time, has developed into a number of different courses.

The primary course is designed for people who have a Digital SLR or Digital UltraZoom camera which has manual controls (usually on a dial, labelled ‘P-A-S-M’ or ‘M-A-S-P’. The goal of the course is to help you understand what these controls do, and how to use them to make the pictures which best communicate what you saw.

Topics covered include Light & Shadow, Apertures, Shutter Speeds, Sensitivity, Focal Lengths and Composition. This course is 6 weeks long, and is currently led by the amazing art and commercial photographer Andy Rasheed (see

Assignments are set each week, to help you work on the concepts you’ve learnt. You don’t have to share your results with the class if you don’t want to!

We also regularly run day courses and field trips.

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